Hello Soul friend!

I am willing to guess that you found this sanctuary because you are:

  • Burnt out on life.
  • Give far more than you receive.
  • Have experienced trauma in your life.
  • “Stress” is your middle name.
  • Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Does this sound familiar? You might wonder how your life got this way. Many people have never been taught how to heal themselves, so they don’t feel as good as they could. They strive to please others while disregarding their own needs. The hamster-wheel of life keeps you busy and you run yourself ragged, while not always taking care of you. Before you know it, you are burnt out without much left to give to anyone.

This changes today….

The Tranquil Healing Sanctuary is a monthly membership program that was created at the urging of Spirit because many sensitive souls are tired and needing self-care. With the help of Archangel Raphael (The Master Healer Angel), I have created a soft and nurturing place for you to rest, as you take the necessary steps to recharge yourself and heal your life. The sanctuary is a virtual, sacred healing community that will support you no matter where you are on your healing journey. Healing doesn’t have to be messy or difficult. Sometimes it is a simple shift in perception that releases you from your past.

Just imagine:

Feeling comfortable in your own skin
Unloading the luggage from the past
Letting stress roll effortlessly off of your shoulders
Transforming your life and having more happiness
Experiencing more peace and tranquility every day
Having a community of like-minded people to walk the path with.

Hi! I am Christine Salter

I am a professional psychic medium, healer, and spiritual teacher. I am also an adult child of an alcoholic. My childhood was challenging and it ultimately has colored a lot of my life. I have been on my own personal healing journey since 1999.

As a teen, I developed asthma and it was pretty severe. As an adult, after visiting the pulmonologist and getting another 2 prescriptions for medication, I was fed up and decided to try holistic modalities to try to get to the root of the lung condition. I was carrying a lot of trauma and I didn’t know how it was affecting my mind, body, and spirit. What I eventually learned is that asthma was a gift in disguise.

When I started researching how to heal myself, my life purpose as a healer showed up out of the blue, and I have never looked back.

My life has blossomed in wonderful ways as I dug in and learned various techniques and modalities to address the childhood trauma that I used to carry.  I earned a degree in Holistic Healthcare and have been a professional healer since 2001.

My approach consists of practical healing tools and modalities that are easy to incorporate into your life. I understand that you are busy and have only so much time. If you want to continue to be able to take care of everyone else, you have to make time for you too. You can’t give from an empty cup that has a hole in it, without repercussions to you. . When you learn to give from the overflow, after taking care of your own needs, you will always have enough. Isn’t it about time that you gave yourself some soul nourishment? I know that you are worth the investment in yourself.

What’s on the inside:

  • Group healing sessions with Archangel Raphael guided by Christine Salter
  • Monthly guided healing meditations for mind, body, or spirit.
  • Spiritual chats for soul nourishment
  • Healing tools and how to use them
  • Support from an experienced healer
  • Private Facebook community

Stephanie Larmore

My Divine Inspirations, LLC

Since working with Christine, I went from barely able to tolerate life (self-worth issues, past traumas, unprocessed grief) to having my own healing practice! Christine helped me unpack all of the things that were holding me in a pattern of dysfunction my whole life. I have been able to see things in a far more positive light and I now walk this adventure with more ease and grace. The profound shift in perspective she has helped me achieve is nothing short of a miracle!

You don’t have to do this alone . . .

No one taught or mentored me on how to heal, so I had to forge my own healing path and learn as I went. When I partnered with spirit to create the Tranquil Healing Sanctuary, I decided to create a place for you to access the healing knowledge that I have been gathering over the last 20 + years. I have made this easily accessible so people can heal and transform quickly, without having to search everywhere for knowledge.

Life isn’t meant to be a struggle

We are not meant to be in a constant state of turmoil. I know what it feels like to over give and have poor boundaries. I used to say yes a lot when I wanted to say no. I had to dig deep and learn a healthier way to be. Along the way, I had to re-claim my personal power and realize that I was the one in charge of my life. I had to save myself.

“The Universe is conspiring for your highest good at all times, even if the opposite feels true.”

Today, I am happy and at peace with the journey of my life. I have learned to not stress about things and to trust the process of my life. I actually love and appreciate my life and all the challenges that I have experienced. I now know that I grow through what I go through. Are you ready for your own transformation from turmoil to peace?

The Tranquil Healing Sanctuary is right for you if:

You have been saying or feeling that you are ready to heal,
but you don’t know how to get started.
You are simply tired of how things are and you are willing
to put in effort to change.
You realize that unhealed trauma will continue showing up in your life until you address it.
You are ready to get off of the hamster-wheel and find some peace.
You have been trying to heal yourself for a long time
and you need support.
You want a group of like-minded souls to connect with.

You deserve as much love and care as everyone that you tend to in your life. Now is the time to put yourself on your list, even if you’re not first. Every step you take toward self-care is one step closer to feeling good in your own skin. I encourage you to gently peel back the layers that have been binding you up, so you can embrace the life that wants to emerge. Happiness and harmony are waiting for you to claim them.

I can’t grow for you, but I can definitely guide you on this journey towards wellness and healing. You just have to be willing to go on it. If you are ready to live a life that feels good, step into your authentic power, and be the soul that you are meant to be, then join us for this sacred journey!



Healing Membership

  • Group healing sessions with Archangel Raphael guided by Christine Salter
  • Monthly guided healing meditations for mind, body, or spirit.
  • Spiritual chats for soul nourishment
  • Healing tools and how to use them
  • Support from an experienced healer
  • Private Facebook community