What is a mediumship reading?

A mediumship reading, also called a sitting, is a sacred session to connect with your loved ones, including friends or family, that have passed on to the spirit world. It is like having a phone call from Heaven where you can have a conversation with your loved one.

How does it work?

Christine has her own method for connecting to your departed loved ones. She starts by tuning into your energy and then will ย feel around you. She will describe who she is feeling including what they look like, their temperament and personality, and any other qualities that stand out to her. Christine will generally ask for the name of your loved one once it is determined who you are talking to. She uses the energy of the name to establish a clear channel of energy with your loved one so that she can hear them and have a full conversation for you.

What is it like to have a reading?

People have different experiences with a reading. It depends on many factors. If the passing is recent or sudden then it will be different than if it was expected or a long time ago.

Many people can feel their loved one with them when I am talking. People can be very nervous to communicate simply because they are afraid of how it is going to go.  A huge number of people cry and release the pent up emotions that they are carrying around.This is nothing to be embarrassed about and is very beneficial for your healing.  Most people report feeling much better after talking to their loved one knowing that they are still around and they are in fact ok. I approach everyone from a place of love and non-judgement and I bring my background as a healer into my readings, so if something comes up for you I can help.

How can it help me?

People tend to have many healing benefits from a reading. Things that need to be said are said and expressed and sometimes mysteries are solved. They feel better knowing that their loved ones are present in their lives and that they are happy. People report that they just feel better. It is like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Depression can lift, as well as deep sadness and grief. It is also commonly stated that people feel more at peace and are able to move forward in their lives after talking to their loved ones.

How can I get a reading?

Appointments are available by Phone or Zoom.

Please contact Christine directly at  480-788-9810 with questions about appointments. 

Appointments scheduled in Arizona time zone.

November - March = Mountain Time

March - November = Pacific Time


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