What is Angelic Soul Coaching and Healing?

Most of us on the planet are having our lives turned upside down due to the old energy needing to be healed and released. Sometimes the changes we experience are dramatic and difficult. Many people have had the “rug” pulled out from under them and are looking at where to go from here. Angelic Soul Coaching and Healing was born as a tool to help people re-create their lives from a place of intention.

ASCH is an Angel guided spiritual journey that awakens and empowers you to create the life you really want, free of the past. The loving guidance of the angels can help you heal the parts of your life that are no longer working so that you experience joy and happiness. Your life wasn’t meant to be a string of uncontrollable circumstances and bad experiences. You have the power to do something about it.

How do I know if I need Healing?

Did you know that everything that has ever happened to you is stored in your cellular memory in your body? Emotional and energetic imbalances can show up in the body as pain, illness, stress,  tension, and depression. They will keep festering until released. The longer that it goes on, the stronger the symptoms become.

Imbalances can come from a variety of events including childhood trauma, the death of a loved one, or a physical accident for example.  Healing is like peeling an onion. Once you take off the outer layer, then the next deeper level is available to be addressed. Christine works with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael to guide her on how best to help you.  People who benefit the most have experienced anything from the list below.

  • Death of a loved one
  • Childhood trauma
  • Relationship issues, including parents
  • Chronic or acute illness
  • Physical pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Tight, tense body
  • Physical trauma- accident or abuse
  • Constantly working on the same issues
  • Difficulty moving forward

How does it work?

Working with the Angels, we look at spiritual reasons for the circumstances in your life and the lessons involved. Having a clear understanding of the “Why’s” helps you to let go and move on.

Next, we investigate past emotional patterns and trauma that you might be carrying and work on releasing them so you can move forward. Trying to create the life of your dreams can only go so far if you are carrying the emotional baggage of your past.

Our last step is creating a vision and a plan so that you have a clear picture of what to do and how to achieve it. Angelic soul coaching finds your inner voice to help you manifest the life you have been dreaming of.

What can this help?

You might be in the space of wanting to make major life changes or they may have been made for you. Either way, there is a way to find direction and meaning to your experiences. Below are some of the challenges that can be addressed with the help of the Angels.

Relationship issues:

  • Repeating the same types of relationships
  • Relationship endings-including jobs or the passing of a loved one
  • Difficult relationships-including family

Emotional Trauma:

  • People who have experienced a significant loss
  • Personal boundary issues
  • Childhood trauma

Spiritual growth:

  • Finding your life purpose and living it
  • Connecting with your guides and Angels
  • Increased joy and happiness
  • Personal Empowerment

Who would benefit?

Christine’s approach to coaching is for spiritually aware people, or at least people with an open mind, who are in the midst of change. This is not traditional coaching or therapy. It is for the person who wants to create a better life for themselves and is willing to put the energy, effort, and intention in. You might feel lost or unsure of what steps to take, but with the help of the Angels you can be on the path to a better life. The angels are just waiting for you to ask for help.

Benefits of Spiritual Healing:

  • Increased peace
  • Increased clarity
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced depression
  • Reconnection with Self
  • Lightness of spirit
  • Increased physical comfort
  • Improved relationships
  • A better understanding of your path
  • The ability to leave the past in the past

How do I get started?

First, you need to decide that you are ready for a change. Change generally doesn’t happen overnight and it will require effort and commitment on your part. If you are ready, Christine can guide you to make substantial, positive leaps forward.

Angelic Soul Coaching and Healing is available for a single problem requiring just one appointment or with weekly, 90-minute Zoom sessions. 

You must be prepared to  make a commitment to your healing and growth because spiritual shifts can happen quickly through the process. Are you ready to feel better and create your ideal life?

Single sessions and packages are available.

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I am looking forward to working with you as you step into who you are meant to be!

~ Christine Salter

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